The Bee Cove ®

The Bee Cove ®;

Delivering dreams… Stories from the heart!!!. Our journey is an experience within. Will you not take that journey with us?

The Bee Cove ® has over a lifetime of factual and augmented experiences. Our Stories are passionate and will exceed your expectations.

We are: Because our customers are, and welcome your feedback or suggestions.

What is; The Bee Cove ® ?

The Bee Cove ® ; This is not a place, although you may have seen it as such a place.
This is not a name, although it may have been used as such a name.

What is it? “You may ask?”
What is it not? “I say onto you.”
I, you, we, believe; It is the ideal of anything and everything substantial and possible.
They are the bees in all their splendor and the hives in its majestic construed.
Or the air we feel and yet not see, perhaps cotton ball clouds, and even a dance of pollination.

Maybe even the inhumane in human masses, as well as the individual in a full blown ego.
It is the ideal of the miracle of creation and conception in life and death.
It may be love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, acceptance, rejection, destitution or even a wandering.

You may think of it as everything and yet you may be mistaken, for what is the surreal in relation to it’s reality in perception? For what is perception in its correlation to an unbiased logic.
For what is logic in it’s relation to the abstruse?
It is human nature to believe that our power is weakness, and hence our weakness is power.

“The Bee Cove ®”