TBC Watch For Motorcycles Decal


“Watch for Motorcycles” “The Bee Cove” safety decal stickers!

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Our very own “The Bee Cove” Watch for motorcycles! decal sticker!

Go to town pasting these “Watch for Motorcycles” “The Bee Cove” safety decal stickers! Put them on your rear bumper, or put them on your “rear” bumper and even your chest!
Someone cut you off on the road while you were riding? Paste these little suckers all over their car!
Want to brighten your helmet or raise awareness? Paste, paste, paste! Paste them at gas pumps and safety post, or on the rear of a taxi cab bumper.

“We are raising motorcycle safety riding, driving awareness in “our stories” by neatly and strategically posting these in key areas.”
Please be accountable and obtain permission.

High Grade Flexible Vinyl for removal and replacement.

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Weight .0625 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 0001 × 5 in